Carpet Fiber Types: Pros and Cons

Published: 09th September 2010
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"There are several types of fibers used in manufacturing carpets. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so before installing new carpet in your home it is wise to have an idea what the different types are and how well each might work in your home. Here is a breakdown of the most common basic carpet fiber types and their properties.
Polyester - Polyester carpeting is relatively inexpensive and has some good qualities. The type of dyeing methods used on polyester carpeting make it resistant to bleaching and fading and is resistant to water-based stains. The cons include less variety in styles(because of the dyeing methods) and the fact that oil-based stains can react chemically with the polyester, making them difficult or even impossible to remove. Crimp loss may be a problem with polyester carpet.
Nylon - Nylon is a popular choice because of it's durability, elasticity, and resiliency. Nylon retains its shape well, even under stressful conditions. Modern nylon carpets are static-resistant, mildew-resistant and are easy to clean and maintain. The main drawback of nylon is that it can bleach or fade more easily than other fiber types and can react to certain stains, like pet urine.
Wool - Wool is a natural fiber and has some distinct advantages over synthetic carpet. It hides dirt and stains well because its fibers are opaque and refract light differently. It can be beautifully dyed and comes in a variety of styles. Wool is extremely durable and resilient and works very well in areas with heavy foot traffic. the cons are that wool is expensive, easy to stain because of it's natural absorbency and can react to certain chemicals and cleaners.
Olefin - Olefin is highly moisture-resistant which makes it very resistant to stains. It's low absorption properties make it a good choice for outdoor applications. It is lightweight, strong and is resistant to chemicals and bleach. It's easy to clean and is unlikely to fade. Drawbacks include its low resiliency and tendency to retain marks left when furniture is moved. It can be friction-damaged and has a low resistance to heat.

Whatever type you choose, proper maintenance is necessary. Frequent vacuuming and prompt attention to stains are important factors and periodic professional carpet cleaning is a must. For professional carpet cleaning London has reputable firms in every part of the city. Choose your carpet carefully and let the pros help you maintain it. Protect your investment and extend its lifespan through proper care and cleaning."

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